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(around the exhibition Persona, by Benjamin Miloux)

Monday 23 March 2009 : 07.30 PM

Ruang MES 56 Jl. Nagan Lor 17, Patehan, Kraton,

In “Persona”, I extend my research on “being” and “appearing” while focusing on the ritual usage and, especially, on the conception of the mask.

“Persona” originates from the decontextualisation of my identity triggered by my stay in Indonesia. The transition period between two different life contexts enticed me to wonder about the representation of my own identity outside its context of origin.

Thus, I wanted to extract all contextual references out of the mask, conceived as a tool of both change of identity and revelation of identity.

By placing my hands over my face in different configurations, I have therefore created my own game of masks. These masks are constructed from the different facets of my personality, to which I added a number of visual symbols at the time of conception.

The very gesture of hiding my face reveals my identity.

As a complement to “Persona”, I created “WanderWall” , a wall made of body parts as a direct picture of the symbolic weight of the other parts of the body besides the face. For example, the torso, carrier of the classical characteristics of Western masculinity, is used as an element of wall construction, is used as a brick. And, through these bricks, my body speaks.

But my body lies.

Because this wall is only an inert surface, it only has a visual density. And is incapable of withstanding the environment which surrounds it.

This 22 years old guy is in his first year of taking a Master degree at Ecole Supérieure d’Art de Grenoble, Grenoble, France, actively doing research on humanity, its connection with environment and himself through Sociology, Anthropology, and also through the exploration on visual and audiovisual images.

He is currently participating in a residency program in Yogyakarta for 6 months in cooperation with Lembaga Indonesia Prancis Yogyakarta.

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